Q: How do I place a value on my collector vehicle?
A: We use the NADA guide to help us determine the values of "stock" model vehicles. This has been a very good starting point to use in evaluating the worth of a vehicle. A stock model has only minor changes to the Manufacturer's original specifications.
Q: My auto is modified, it's not stock. I have a Hot Rod and it's highly customized. What is it worth?
A: We've found that on average a "Rod" has a value of $35,000. But that is just a starting point. An appraisal might be necessary to establish the correct amount of insurance to value.
Q: How can I use my car? This there a mileage limitation?
A: Grundy's policy allows for unlimited pleasure miles.
Q: What types of vehicles are eligible for coverage?
A: In North Carolina, vehicles older than 25 yrs. are eligible. But most states allow newer collectible vehicles to be insured.